Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Enjoys Playing Peek-A-Boo

5 years ago today, we passed court and officially became the parents of a little girl named Meron Asher Hoffman. 5 YEARS! Seems like yesterday...

On that same day we got an update from our agency and I remember it saying that she "enjoys playing peek-a-boo..."

She still does.

So much has happened over those 5 years Meron - and one thing that has been consistent throughout - our love for you has grown bigger every single day.

You've helped ease the pain of some hearts that were hurting and opened our eyes to SO MUCH. Our family owes quite a bit of who we are today to you and your precious life. Thank you.

5 big years Meron. We'll keep remembering it until we're celebrating in eternity! We love you big girl!

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April Hollingsworth said...

I love the street kids too. I love your son. He is all personality! I love Ethiopia. Can't wait to go back. The only thing that will keep me from staying are my two kids here at home.