Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Her Heart

Sometimes ya have a blog post all set to go about some amazing kids who raised a buttload of money for Brighton Their World - and then ya get a phone call at work like this:

"Hey - I wanted to tell you that Meron wants to talk to us both about something tonight when you get home from work..."
Oh boy... that's what I'm thinking. There's been a lot of skin color talk lately and I was assuming it was something around that...

And then Laura continues:
"Yeah - she's been watching that DVD from Nate a lot with all of the bible stories and she was talking about Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist... and she said she thinks she wants to be baptized because she has Jesus in her heart too..."
Silence... NOT what I was expecting.

"Keep it together, Tymm, Keep it together, Tymm, keep it together, Tymm. You're at your desk!"

That's what ran through my mind. Quickly followed by the thought that nothing else mattered today... but this.

We quickly reached out to one of our favorite teaching pastors who we trust and respect like crazy and he gave us some great insight. When I got home we all chilled on the bed while Meron explained it all to me - in real clear terms - about what Jesus did, why He did it and what it all means. At one point she looked at me and said:
"Why do you look like you're gonna start crying?"
I told her my heart was overflowing with happiness at the idea that eternity would now include her. She just beamed and beamed and beamed...

We are going to keep working with her to make sure she fully understands what it means to commit her life to Christ and why we need a Savior - and when we know that understanding is there (which I feel will be soon) - we're gonna take the plunge (literally!) and she'll get baptized. She's excited. I'm excited. We're all pretty pumped!

And that post about those incredible kids? It's coming. But I simply couldn't let this day pass without recording it.

I think there was some celebrating in the heavens tonight Meron! I know there was in my heart...

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Lindsey said...

Wow! Amazing! So happy to see this!!