Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tiny Dancer

Mebbie had her very first ballet dance recital today (video at bottom of post).

She was looking so beautiful...

She was so confident in herself and was actually leading some of the others through it...

She has been practicing for WEEKS for this big moment.

A whole lot of "Watch this mommy and daddy!" at home...

... culminated in a great show ending with her curtsy she loves so much!

Here she is with her whole creative group (dancers and musicians)...

We got her some flowers and she got a trophy for her efforts!

Oh - and she got Mer-hugged by one super proud big sister - who declared later to our favorite baker at Publix - "My sister did FANTASTIC at her recital today!"

Check out the video - excuse the lack of focus - but it's precious to these parents' eyes!

Mebbie - mommy and daddy are SO proud of how hard you worked and how awesome you did! keep it up girl!

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