Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Through the grace of God and His insanely faithful nature - these little buggers made me a father. It's not a title I take lightly.

Some people hate this day. Some people love it. I have a little bit of both going on inside me. But today - lets talk about those 4 faces up there...

One of them I think about every single day - two of them I hug on every single day - and that last one I have been praying about every single day - looking faithfully towards the day he'll join the ranks of the huggers.

It's because of those little faces that I have managed to become a much better person.

A job I never, ever thought I wanted has become one of the most prized titles I could ever imagine having... FATHER. DADDY. DADA.

No matter how ya say it - to hear it from their mouths is the best sound ever.

And I know good and well that the ONLY REASON I am able to even begin to father them is because I have been fathered since creation by a heavenly Father whose love for me far outweighs any good or bad thing that an earthly father can lump upon us.

I know this... and I know it well. So I do everything in my power to impress upon them the nature of their heavenly Father. it is ALL I want for them... to know Him.

Today's a fun "Hallmark of a holiday" isn't it? I got these awesome cards from the girls that read:

"dad ilu sm bkz u r bt dad"
Which is Mebbie-nese for "Daddy, I love you so much because you are the best daddy!" and,
"dad i lo u so much. love meron"
Call it Hallmark all ya want - that right there goes directly up in the work cubicle people.

Girls - you'll probably never know this side of Heaven just how much you have shaped this guy you call Daddy...

And for that - I say "Happy Father's Day" to both of you... thank you for making my job SIMPLE and FULL OF LOVE.

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