Friday, June 14, 2013

Meron Day 2013

5 years ago... our hearts hurt. We had just spent time at our son's grave in an insanely crowded cemetery in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The wound was gaping for us.

We left the cemetery in a state of despair - little did we realize that as we walked through the gates of a run down orphanage that we were walking directly into the welcoming arms of God.

He knew our hearts. He knew our pain. And He knew His plan for it would work. He was right all along. And that's when He placed Meron in to our lives

Today we celebrated our 5th "Meron Day." That's the day this little girl came in to our family and locked eyes with us...

Those eyes of hers looked straight into our souls right from the get go. They seemed to tell us - "It's all okay."

We held her close and tight from the start. She still asks me to hold her like this every now and then... (it's a bit harder now).

For a while - I swear - we literally WORE her right across our hearts like the bandage she was...

She always had a way of literally passing out when she was happy and content.

And look at her now... so grown up. So beautiful.

She was so excited about today - so happy and thrilled to be celebrating this special day.

And she is so FULL OF LOVE. She loves with no boundaries. She has no favorites when it comes to family...

She loves us all equally - and God forbid you cross one of her family members - cuz she is fiercely protective of us all as well!

We had a wonderful evening - dinner out ("buh-sectti and meatballs"... her choice) - ice cream for dessert, a walk at sunset and then home to watch a movie. And I KNOW she had a great evening...

Because Happy and Content led to this!

We love you so much Meron Asher and we will forever celebrate the day that God placed us together as a family. You mean more to us than you'll ever know...

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