Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mr. Mom - Day 1

Today's theme as day one of Mr. Mom wrapped up was definitely "Thankful for good neighbors" - also loosely translated as "Dear God this was just ONE day?!?!"

After what can only be described as a "trying" day - these guys invited us over to let it all cool down in the pool. The girls - having had about enough of my discipline for the day - were pumped for some water shenanigans led by this guy!

There was leaping...

There was crashing...

And they even invited us back over for round 2 that included a grill out dinner and some more friends.

Super thankful for their generosity and kindness!

We ended up home in the tub doing this - but it was WELL worth it.

With Day 1 under our belt - we all crashed HARD on the couch (I think I was out the hardest).

Laura and team made it to the guesthouse - but those delays and close connections yesterday left them with no luggage. It's supposed to show up tomorrow.

Here's to hoping they found some of the same peace and quite and REST that we did on the couch tonight. Tomorrow's a brand new day!

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