Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mr. Mom - Day 2

Ahhh yeah... we rolled right into Day 2 just OWNING this thing called "Mr. Mom."

For starters - we all slept in and missed church. Ooops. We did manage to hit Panera for a quick pastry (sorry laura - used your free drink!) on the way to the church - we may be heathens who missed the service but we weren't about to miss the opportunity to hug our friends and say "Godspeed!" as they head into the field for full time mission work in China.

Next up it was a matinee showing of "Monsters University" - it was promised if behavior permitted it - and behavior was a ROCK STAR today!

After an afternoon nap by ALL of us - these two cuties hit the field with me for a quick sprint/plyo workout.

These guys are no joke when they come with me either - they put in REAL work!

They were sweating their little faces off... with 100 yard lunges, power skips, leap frogs, sprints, crunches, push ups... they stuck with it the whole time!

Meron even worked in 20 yards of cartwheels... can you say "dizzy?"

Afterwards we went home for pizza - and while Mebbie clocked some serious time playing - Meron helped me bag up lunch items for the week at their Junior Sports camp they'll be going to...

Today was awesome - we don't miss mommy any less - more actually - but better behavior has settled in and we all had a great day.

Communication with Laura has been minimal which sucks. So I don't know if her luggage arrived or anything. My guess is this - if things were super bad she would have found a way to get in touch with me. So our prayers are for their first real day of work tomorrow... and trust me there have been a LOT of mommy prayers today.

We miss you Laura - but are incredibly proud of who you are!

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Anonymous said...

Prayers for a safe trip for Laura and she accomplishes all she needs too!
You are a great Mr. Mom!! Your girls are so sweet!
Extra prayers Laura got her luggage!