Monday, June 24, 2013

Mr. Mom - Day 3

Today kicked off the first day of the 5 day Jr. Sports Camp the girls would be attending at our local YMCA. That meant two things:

  • a 4 hour window of PEACE around here
  • Copious amounts of pre-production work to even get them there
The night before we prepped all dry lunch items for the week. All snacks were separated out, bags were tagged, sunscreen was prepped, water bottles filled.

But let's be honest here people - the real fear was hair. Ya picking up on a theme around here? I woke them with PLENTY of time for me to screw up and start over. Hence the sleepy look in that pic above... it's all good. I called it practice for school days that aren't far off...

The drop off went smooth (The Y does this well!) and the girls were SO excited! 4 hours later I was back in the pick-up line. Meron spotted me and was waving like crazy. As her and Mebbie jumped in the van sporting their backpacks and looking extra cute the first words outta Meron's mouth were:
"I had a blast!"
We headed straight home (after shipping 250+ pounds of formula to some of our favorite mules in Nashville!) and I did my best to enforce nap time.

But things got a little crazy round here and eventually culminated in an emergency family meeting to discuss discipline and a new chart we need to build. We were ALL treading on thin ice.

Eventually we all pulled it together and I got to finish up some work while the girls each earned a few dollars cleaning up the playroom and assigning toys to go to Goodwill.

While I got dinner together they went a little artwork crazy...

And eventually did some serious decorating of their castle!

These guys were spent from a field workout the night before and 4 hours of sports this morning... bedtime was quickly approaching. We did baths, read the bible and said some great prayers for mommy... and headed to bed.

But not before harmonicas and binoculars made an impromptu showing on the scene.

All in all - a great (albeit weird) day!

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La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Glad you are surviving! Praying for Laura. Bring the girls over tonight for CLC.