Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mr. Mom - Day 4

Had another great day with these two princesses. Day 2 of Sports Camp went off without a hitch. The weather was much better and today - when I picked them up - they could barely contain their excitement as they jumped in the van and yelled:

"Daddy! Today we shot bows and arrows! Just like Merida!"
That was both a little bit awesome and a little bit terrifying!

But they clearly had a great time.

The past few days had been catching up with them so they crashed pretty hard for some afternoon naps.

After hanging out for a while we headed out for a Chick-Fil-A picnic!

Sure - it was in a parking lot in the back of the van... but hey - they LOVED it!

On Tuesday nights I typically do a bible study that runs til 9:00 - I was thinking I was gonna have to skip it - but some good friends offered to watch the girls while I went... they were both PUMPED UP to hang out...

Love seeing this crew together... have watched all these kids grow up and it's been a total blessing.

Finally got the girls home and teeth brushed, prayed up and in bed... ready for another day of sporty introductions tomorrow!

Thanks Rebecca for giving me that 3 hours of time tonight - we owe ya one big time!

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