Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mr. Mom - Day 6

That's one part of breakfast right there... a half of an ice cream sandwich. Don't judge...

We evened it out with some yogurt - but the sandwich was for sure the hit!

Man - we were in a groove today. We nailed hair and got these guys to camp 20 minutes early. You know how we roll...

They did basketball today and they were crazy eager to tell me all about it - but only after the hype of this died down:

Yep - our girl has lost her first tooth with mommy away in Africa - and while she was at sports camp! She was excited though and told me how all the kids celebrated with her...

Love the smile Mebbie!

Next it was home to a surprise of some goody packages from Granny and Aunt Connie and Uncle Ronnie!

Uh... i think excited was an understatement!

They both got cool journals to keep their drawings and writings in...

As well as some dope princess accessories! Funny side-note: the "Tangled" wig was originally for Meron and the "Brave" one for Mebbie - but try as we might we could NOT get that blonde wig over Meron's hair! like the amazing sisters they are - they simply swapped with huge smiles... THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!

Mebbie also had an extra surprise from Granny. A few years ago Granny had bought Meron her very first and very own suitcase. And now she was hooking Mebbie up too. She was THRILLED!

The smile couldn't get any bigger! She is ready to pack for our trip to see our cousins!

To celebrate the toothlessness of Mebbie - we decided to make a Yogli Mogli run! We ran into some good friends there and all got to enjoy a little organized chaos!

Then it was home and into jammies. Skipping baths because CRAZY electrical storm was kicking.

Side-note again... this picture cracks me up. Meron looks like a Jolly Gentle Giant and Mebbie looks all tiny! But all that love ya see all over both their faces? That's the real them...

Meron was really freaked out by the electrical storm and had a bazillion questions. Because of that - the night ended like this:

I LOVE the way they love each other...

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