Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Update From Ethiopia II

Got to chat online with Laura a good bit yesterday as her team wound down after what sounded like a great day of ministry. And then today - I got a surprise phone call from her while in the drive thru at Starbucks (sorry friendly barista for ignoring you) - thank you MagicJack! Sounds like they are having an excellent third day of ministry today - spending time with Embracing Hope Ethiopia - who we love, support and believe in 100%.

Check out her quick recap of yesterday's time below:

Hello. Here is a very quick overview of the day. It is 2 AM and I NEED to try and sleep. I only slept 3 hours last night!

We started the day at Adera Foundation to serve with their school feeding program. It was such a joy to watch the team JUMP right in and learn how to plate injera. Then we served the kids before they went to take their final exam.

Next we went down to their daycare to play with the kids. They are some of the sweetest little toddlers you have ever seen! So smart, so happy and learning the love of Jesus. We then ate a quick lunch outside the van and then headed to Kebebe.

They were celebrating their school graduation and were having an all afternoon party! We enjoyed a coffee ceremony with the staff, danced, colored, and chatted with the older kids. We held babies, fed babies and spent sweep precious in the special needs room. Watching this team serve is an honor and joy. I also just LOVE watching people experience Ethiopia for the first time.

Next up was dinner at a very small Ethiopian Cultural restaurant called Bata. They show was JUST FOR US! I was even pulled up on stage to dance and from what the team said, I must be part Ethiopian with my shoulder shake! Others danced, too and it ended in a Ethiopian conga line! We came home to Beth feeling much better. She spent the day in prayer for us and we filled her in on EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of the day. We sat in a room and chatted, laughed, cried, praised and prayed for another 3 hours!

Seriously...this team is beyond close! So honored to be here with these special 9.

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