Thursday, June 27, 2013

Update From Ethiopia III

Laura called right as I was picking the girls up yesterday and got to surprise them - they were so excited to hear mommy's voice. I am pretty sure was as excited to hear theirs.

Check out her daily summary below - trying not to be jealous of her time there!

Today was another great day! We went to Kebebe Tsehay at 9 and while the team played with the kids, Robert, Nebiat and I went to the Meditech office to purchase the formula. We were able to purchase 840 cans!! I still have money leftover and am looking for good diaper prices.

We then went and ate lunch in a church parking lot and some of us were introduced to squatty potties! EEK! Now THAT was an experience!

We then headed to Embracing Hope Ethiopia in Korah. Christy Shannon gave us a great talk about their programs and then a tour. We spent the next hour playing with the 1-2 year olds (all 50 of them!). Then the moms starting showing up and we had Robert taking beautiful pictures of the moms with their kids. It was wonderful to see the fierce love these moms have for their kids and how they will fight to not have to lose their children.

We left there around 6 PM and headed to my new favorite restaurant, "Sishu". I promise you will have the BEST hamburger you have EVER tasted in your life right here in Addis!

We headed home after that and spent another night laughing, crying, chatting and even calling home for all us us on my Iphone for only 6 birr per call! What a gift!! Tomorrow brings another day at Kebebe Tsehay and Embracing Hope. We are so thankful for another day of service here in Ethiopia!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing about EHE! First time I've heard about them and so excited to read/hear about their ministry!

Tymm said...

Embracing Hope Ethiopia is an INCREDIBLE ministry doing great work to prevent mom's from having to orphan their children in the first place - please support them if you can!