Monday, June 24, 2013

Update From Ethiopia

Last night at about 2:00 AM my phone rang. I was actually still up (I don't sleep well when my entire family isn't under one roof - that includes Zechie...) and I grabbed the phone and had a static-filled, in-and-out conversation with Laura. None of that mattered - i was just pumped to hear her voice! She was okay - the team was doing great - they had their luggage and they were on their way to Kebebe Tsehay! YES!

I fell asleep praying for her, her team and the impact they'd have. Lucky for us - our MAIN MAN NEBIAT hooked Laura up with some internet and I got to chat with her a LOT today - I asked her to sum up the day for us - and here's what she sent:

The last 24 hours hours have been nothing short of amazing. Last night we had sweet spirit filled worship time with our team over candlelight that ended with many tears of thanksgiving to the Lord for allowing us to even BE serving Him. Then today we started at Kebebe Tsehay oprhange where we were able to love on babies, pray over EVERY little one we touched, sang and played with older kids, gave graduation gifts to 25 little kindergartners, and ended with a special coffee ceremony with the Kebebe teachers. 3 of whom said that they were "keeping Laura". I loved seeing our team just sit and "be" with these sweet ladies that rarely see Americans. There was lots of hand motions to communicate and evidently I know JUST enough Amharic to get myself in trouble. Evidently, I told the 3 teachers that
"I would return tomorrow in the rain in a car".
What??? They had quite a laugh at me and that broke down the walls completely and laughter filled the tiny classroom where we all sat around the sweet smell of buna (coffee).

We then went to Adera Foundation's daycare to host a special dinner for the 55 moms. Wow... Robert took pictures of every mom and their child with the help of Megan and Nancy. Then we went and helped serve dinner to all the sweet mama. After they ate, Adera introduced us and I got to share our story with them and our little Brighton. Then Regina shared her heartfelt testimony and TRULY touched the hearts of these moms that have had really hard lives. Regina connected the hearts of women who lived in opposite corners of the world with her story and how the Lord LOVES us all. Even some of the women shared after she shared.

Then we handed out the FCC babies and bracelets and the look on their faces was priceless. What a gift. We explained to the bracelets were made by a group of church ladies and each piece was prayed over. Then the Adera staff served US dinner! What? We had beef tibs and injera. DELICIOUS! We said our goodbyes and headed to the van. Our driver drove us by the dump and I don't think the team had any idea what they were about to witness. It made the reality of what these women go through all too real. We are so thankful for Adera who ministers to the women of Korah and their children.

After that we headed back to the guest house and that is where we are now. I am outside of the room where everyone is hanging out and all I hear is laughter! This team is just amazing... so blessed.

Tomorrow we go to Adera in the morning to help feed 200 kids before they take their final exams for their school year. The rest of the day will be spent and Kebebe and if there is time, we'll go back to Adera's daycare and play with the little ones and take more pictures.

Pray we have an even greater day tomorrow!!

From our hearts in Addis to yours!

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Aja said...

i love this!! we went to ET for the first time this month and i think about it everyday. i knew i would miss my son after meeting him, but i did not know how much i would feel homesick for this country and all of the people we met in our travels.