Thursday, July 25, 2013

And It Was Good!

I absolutely love this picture. This is Meron and Mebbie digging in to the prototype of my first children's book. Seriously - Meron almost has the whole thing memorized... all 40 pages!

Over the last year (or more) I have been working this thing out. I got to work with an amazingly talented young artist who totally captured what i was looking for with my rhymes (yeah - it's in heroic couplets... what else would it be?!?!)...

Right now I am:

  • finalizing the layout for print
  • submitting for copyright protection
  • locking down the first run budget
  • searching out vendors to help with some of the other cool pieces to it
  • setting up and prepping for a Kickstarter campaign
  • thinking ahead about the next book
Man - i may be partial - but this is one of the most fun and creative things I have ever had my hands in. I really love it and believe in it. I simply cannot wait to launch the Kickstarter so we can share just how cool it is... and the Kickstarter campaign will have some real cool rewards too (if you're familiar with how Kickstarter works)...

The publishing industry is CRAZY. Seriously... CRAZY. But we really believe this book needs to see the light of day.

So stay tuned for more info - we'll need all the support we can get as we try to tackle this thing indie style.

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