Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FLASHBACK: Mebski Love

Look at our little Mebski Love! The little girl who wouldn't even look at you and hung on the edge of the room instead of really jumping in and playing has grown into this incredible little masterpiece of God.

She's creative. She's funny. She's ridiculously smart. She tries too hard to be perfect even when we stress to her all the time that it isn't possible so stop trying. Because Mebbie - in our eyes - you are perfect just like you are girl!

Tonight at prayer time, she said this prayer that just sunk straight into my heart and was a reminder of all she has seen, all she has lost and the lengths her heavenly Father has gone to show her redemption:

"God - thank you for today. And God, i just want to pray for all the little girls and boys and big girls and boys who don't have mommies and daddies... that they will get mommies and daddies. And i want to thank you for my family because I love my family, I love my mommy and my daddy and my sister Meron... and clay bear too. I am so happy that i have this family. In Jesus name, amen."
Mebbie - your family loves you too girl and we wouldn't be a family without you!

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Anonymous said...

Love transforms lives! Thankful for you sharing your family with the blogospere. It is a joy to see the Lord at work.
Keep up the good work Hoffman family.