Sunday, July 28, 2013

Full Circle

Six years ago... in a room in the back of the house - this was going on...

and a whole lot of this was happening...

and eventually these awesome RACING STRIPES adorned the walls of our son's bedroom. All that was left to add was him!

But then Brighton passed away. For reasons i will never fully grasp this side of heaven, his Heavenly Father decided to bring him home at 76 days.

And that room went from an overwhelming spot of joy to a place that was super hard to go in. Or even walk by. Or really even just think about.

Bu then God - in His infinite grace, compassion and faith - gave us this little girl named Meron. Her name literally means "gift from God." And she was.

So we had work to do.

We couldn't bring ourselves to paint over Brighton's room. So we added a few of these to the racing stripe...

Threw a splash of pink here and there...

And ended up with a pretty comfy, cozy room for our little girl to call her own.

But it was never just her own. From Day 1 Brighton's picture adorned her wall - watching over his sister. We've had MANY a late night chat about Brighton and who he is and how big his young life was.

The top drawer to her dresser held all of Brighton's clothes and she never, ever not one time put up a fuss over that. Rather - she embraced it. She loved it. And she loves him.

In May of this year - off of the INCREDIBLE gift from some incredible friends - Meron moved in to sharing a room with Mebbie.

The plan was for us to start getting her old room ready for Zechariah. But some things are easier said than done. Things like transitioning a room that was originally for your son who is now in heaven into a new, inviting room for your next son. That's hard.

And when you allow yourself to almost daily feel the full weight of what God was up to with Brighton - that becomes extraordinarily hard.

But today - while I was out - Laura put in some work. Some really, really hard work. She pulled all of the pink outta that room.

The racing stripe was back!

Pink was all gone. The room was super cleaned and ready for it's new little person.

Save for the watchful eye of Brighton's picture on the wall - it looked just like it did when we had it ready for Brighton to fill it up.

And I can't explain this - but I can look right in Laura's eyes and see she gets it... this is painful and joyful at the same time. It's that crazy thing God did to our hearts with Brighton - that we never, ever stop hurting about. But at the same time - we are overwhelmed with the prospect of the future for this room

Tonight we all gathered in there - held hands, cried and prayed over the room. We thanked God for his incredible faithfulness - his acknowledgement of our desire for a son - and for His compassion and kindness. We prayed for Zechariah - his health, his homecoming... but mostly we thanked God for the last 6 years. Hard as they have been - I am pretty sure we wouldn't trade 'em for anything.

Zechariah - your room is ready buddy!

Ya got two sisters ready, willing and able to rock you, hug you, love on you and probably dress you like a princess. And here's a tip buddy - if the princess dressing gets outta hand - reach for that top drawer... it's still filled with all of Brighton's clothes.

And will be forever.

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