Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gorillas, Goats and New Friends

The girls have been begging to go the zoo as a whole family - they wanted me to go since mommy gets to take them a lot...

So what better to do today than to head that way. The weather was good (not too hot, a slight drizzle that actually felt cool) and the crowds were nonexistent!

The girls got some front row viewing of all kinds of good stuff...

Like this crazy silverback gorilla!

And this awesomely dope goat that Meron befriended - and I couldn't stop giggling at (like any true Adam Sandler fan would)...

Not to be outdone - Mebbie won over the friendship of a goat too with an awesome back rub...

Next - we spun around on a carousel for a few minutes... and then ate snacks!

On the way out we heard a:

"Hey! Excuse me!"
I spun around expecting to find something Meron had dropped cuz... well... Meron drops stuff.

Instead we found a smiling woman and her son and she said:
"I read your blog! And you are Meron and Mebrate!"
Already scoring points by pronouncing their names right! What?!?!

So we got to chat with her for a few minutes about mutual friends, blogs, adoption, etc. We absolutely love bumping in to people who have read the blog or heard of Brighton Their World or something. In theory - it could be really weird - but in reality - it never is. Instead it is ALWAYS a big huge confirmation from God that our family mission is on the right path (we pray about that pretty much daily)!

Melanie - it was GREAT to meet you! Thanks for putting an exclamation point on the tale end of our zoo trip today!

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