Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Milestone: 2,000

Wow. I just pressed "publish" on my two-thousandth blog post. That's just nutty.

I remember back when I posted #1: China Dossier Done. It seems like forever ago but I clearly recall telling Laura:

"I am not gonna get all caught up in this blogging thing that these adopting families do..."
Ha ha ha. Uh... can someone help me unlodge my foot from the back of my throat?

Then I remember celebrating our 500th post - just a little over a year after Meron got home. And we just haven't stopped...

Somehow... some way... i have managed to post EVERY SINGLE DAY since Meron came home. Some posts have been better than others - but one thing I have tried to do is remain true to the theme - it's about the family - I have tried to keep the girls in almost every post...

Am I ready to call it quits? I don't think so. I have considered tossing in the towel many a time - but I think I got more to say, more pictures to share and more love to try and spread.

And plus - we just end up with the coolest family album ever.

Big thanks to everybody who follows along on the journey and says "hello" every now and then. That's encouraging...

Here's to 2,000 more!


Donna S said...

Think I have read every one of them. Love keeping up with your family.

PS: Tell Laura I now have 2 tubs of formula under my desk :)

Becky Kyzer said...

Tymm, I live in Conway and your sweet sister, Stacy, is a good friend of mine. I've been reading your blog since she told me about it several years ago. I look forward to the pictures most of all and am so excited that there will be a little boy added to your family soon! You and Laura are such wonderful parents and reading about some of your day to day experiences make me happy!
Thank you for sharing.

Tymm said...

I think you're right Donna! You've been along for this whole ride (while on a ride of your own!)

I'll tell Laura about the formula! THANK YOU!

Tymm said...

Becky - thanks so much for your kind words! I am excited that these pictures are gonna get all boy-ed up here soon too! Love that you're along for this ride with us...!