Saturday, July 6, 2013

She's Back!

She's back! Laura made it home today. And these two tiny ones weren't the only ones who were elated! My favorite quote of the morning came from Meron as we were getting dressed - she came out rocking her sneakers and shorts and said:

"I'm wearing these running clothes cuz when I see mommy... I'm gonna be running!"
And run she did! They both about knocked her over...

After hanging around for luggage (which never showed up) and a few more pics - where Jen fell asleep standing up - we headed out for a quick bite to eat and to hear some incredible stories about this humble, serving team...

Laura was falling asleep in her nachos so we headed home - where the girls surprised her with a sign they had made her...

As well as Meron's very own idea of a strawberry cake with a heart made out of sprinkles!

The girls could not get enough loving and hugging from their mommy!

And their huge smiles gave away their hearts for sure!

God - thank you so much for bringing the heart and soul of our camp safely back to us...


Anonymous said...

Meron's comment (on her shoes and running to mommy)...sooo precious.

Praising God for a good and safe trip.

Anonymous said...

So cute to see them so excited to see their mommy!! Meron's comment was so sweet!!

Glad Laura is home safe & sound!!