Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beach Re-Do

You might remember last year about this time when we tried to take a week long vacation to the beach and got hurricaned out... Well - we decided to give it another try this year.

And even though the owner of the spot we rented called us on the way there and said we couldn't check in until the next day - we stayed at a hotel about 45 minutes away and were DETERMINED to get in the ocean today.


We met up with the cousins and family and the girls were in 7th Heaven! They got to swim with Ansley...

they got to watch Will catch deadly killer sting rays...

They dug in the sand...


They snorkeled.

They made sand angels.

Daddy made sand volkswagen bugs...

Mommy hung out like a professional!

It was an all-around GREAT day... and our plan is to do it again tomorrow!

Let's just say these folks were sleeping HARD tonight!

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