Monday, August 26, 2013

Best Day. EVER!

Tomorrow Laura and Mebbie head up to North Carolina to visit her dad for a bit. And since Meron and I won't see the Mebster for a bit - after mommy left for a church dinner - and after baths and dinner here - we piled in the van in our jammies for some ice cream fun...

Then we met this awesome guy - who took "Ice Cream at night in our jammies" to a whole new level of fun by inviting the girls - clad in their t-shirts and boxers - back behind the counter to make their own sundaes.

What, what, what?

The girls were BEYOND PUMPED. Or as Mebbie put it:

"This was the best day ever in my life. ever."
I think she meant it too!

They literally thought they were working there. Really cool experience...

Uhhh...ya think they like ice cream?

The manager came back by - gave the girls watches - and we ended up chatting about adoption, churches and life... come to find out he and his wife are wanting to adopt too... totally love these divine interruptions in life...

We should have been at home. In bed. No, really... we should have.

But when mommy's away - the kids will play.

All three of us!

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