Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Can You Help Cheer Mommy Up?

These girls absolutely ADORE their mommy. They care about her, they love her... and when she's down they feel her pain.

For the past year - Laura's dad - Poppaw to the rest of us - has been fighting an incredibly hard and relentless battle against cancer. We have prayed so much for him - and God has given us so many gifts in regards to it all...

But cancer sucks. And today - it was just one of those days where it had Laura down. Sad. Feeling defeated. Hurt. Angry. But mostly just sad.

And her little troopers were trying so hard to cheer her up. First they made her this sweet card (a little outta order - but awesome nonetheless):

When Meron didn't think it was working well enough - she sent me a voxer asking for some help... She was just so concerned for mommy (listen below).

When I got home we circled up around mommy - "making sure to touch her" per Mebbie's instructions - and we prayed for mommy. For her heart. For her spirit. We prayed for all of us really. Cuz mommy is like the heartbeat of our house - and when she's down... we're ALL down.

Mommy is feeling a bit better tonight. And no doubt due in large part to these little girls who wouldn't leave her side...

Thanks girls for taking such incredible care of mommy when I couldn't be there to do it!

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Meredith Moorman said...

I just LOVE reading about your precious girls! I read every post! :) And I nominated you for the Liebster Award!! Check it out on my blog at www.reflectionsofacollegegirl.blogspot.com! :)