Monday, August 19, 2013

Fourth Watch Warriors

DISCLAIMER: I know I posted about this on Facebook today but I freaking love this story and I am gonna record here on the 'ole blog for safekeeping for ever and ever and ever. So sorry if I am a bit redundant tonight.

This prayer card up there for Zechariah was made by some friends who threw Laura a dope baby shower recently. She brought a few extra home and Meron wanted one so of course we gave it to her.

This is Meorn's "lair." She's in the top bunk of the castle bed and she stores a lot of her stuff right there by her pillow. One of the more visible things is her brother's prayer card. Right there for all to see. Especially her. I love this...

Last night I had a pressing deadline on a project and didn't get to be part of the bedtime rituals. Meron was pretty upset about it so I promised her I'd come in and climb up and lay with her for a few minutes (one of her favorite nightly stall tactics).

Around 10:30 I cruised in there and both the girls were OUT. And when I say Meron goes out - she goes OUT. I crawled up there - gave her a big hug, squeezed her, whispered in her ear... and nothing. Just deep breathing and snoozing. I smiled as I headed out when I noticed her flashlight and her Zechie prayer card.

They looked like this:

She had positioned her little flashlight to shine right on it. I couldn't stop smiling as I flicked her light off and headed out the door.

Fast-forward to about 3:45 AM. Meron comes in our room. She seems restless - not scared or crying. Just uneasy. She climbs DIRECTLY on top of me like she likes to do and is bear hugging me. I asked her if she remembered me coming in there and she said "No.." and then I asked her what was the matter and she said:

"Nothing... I just needed to see my daddy..."
We hugged a bit and then Laura took her back to her room and got her re-settled.

She was fine the rest of the night.

Morning time went as it usually does and Mebbie and Laura dropped Meron off for school. That's when Mebbie let us in on what else had happened last night.

Some time before Meron had come in to our room - she had come down the steps from her top bunk and woke Mebbie up. This would have been shortly after the kick off of Fourth Watch.

Mebbie said Meron had Zechariah's picture in her hands and she said to Mebbie:
"This card says we are supposed to pray for our brother every night - so let's pray for him"
Then both girls proceeded to take turns and pray for Zechie - their little brother - 8,000 miles away from home.

After they finished praying is when Meron headed down to our room. She never made mention of any of this happening. She just needed some hugs.

After school Meron confirmed all of this with Laura. Tonight - I asked her what made her wake up and pray. She said:
"I just saw Zechie's face there and knew we were supposed to pray for him every night..."
I get chills thinking about it - but I really believe the Holy Spirit woke her up to pray for Zechie. And that was so overwhelming for her that she just had to come get some hugs from us...

The funny thing in all of this? Mebbie is the resident prayer warrior here. I mean - seriously - I am pretty sure she's anointed in that area with that gift. Meron even knows it - she'll go get Mebbie when prayer is needed.

Which... when ya think about it - makes this experience all the more beautiful.

Thank you so much God... for allowing us to bear witness to this kind of stuff. And for choosing to work through a tiny little innocent 5 year old who didn't hesitate to move on that urging...

We. Are. Blessed.

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