Friday, August 23, 2013

Make Him a Hoffman

Well - we're on to the next phase... but much like every piece of this process - for every one step forward - it feels like there are ten steps backwards.

And we've already hit some hurdles. But our prayers remain the same.

Every single night we gather up as a family and we pray for our little guy that we're waiting for.

And we always pray the same things:

  • God's will be done in and throughout this process
  • That Zechariah's health - his physical, spiritual and mental well-being - is good
  • That God makes him a Hoffman - RIGHT NOW. That he knows he has a family who loves him, adores him, treasures him and cannot wait for him to be here.
  • Use him now God - in his current place - for Your glory.
That's our prayer. it's simple - but it's the same prayer we have prayed for all of our kids and man if God hasn't been faithful to them all.

We love you Z! Your family won't stop praying til you're home praying with us!

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