Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Once in A Lifetime...

Meron and I are flying solo right now cuz Mommy and Mebbie are up in North Carolina hanging out with this guy... that's Laura's dad up there in that pic.

About a year ago - Laura's dad was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable liver cancer. Yes... a year ago. And he is still with us hanging out and stuff. He's that kind of fighter. And being that we are always trying to have an eternal perspective around here - we set out right off the bat to start praying for his heart, his salvation and his eternity.

And we were relentless in those prayers. We sought prayer from our small groups, our bible studies, our friends and family. Laura became an almost daily texter of scripture and prayer to him. The girls would draw him pictures, write their verses on them and send them to him. They would record voicemails of them praying for him. We were relentless.

And for good reason too...

This is a guy who LOVES our girls with all he has. A Poppaw who absolutely adores his granddaughters. It is simply awesome to watch...

And then... then there's me. Laura's dad isn't just some father-in-law to me. He is more like a dad to me. Matter of fact - I have heard it said recently and I wholeheartedly agree - if I could have chosen a dad - this is the guy I would have picked.

From the very first day I met him he has treated me with such respect and kindness. And if you utter the words:

"I love you, son."
You know whose voice I hear in my head? Yeah - you guessed it. Laura's dad's. Because he never lets me leave his house or get off the phone with him without saying that. Had it not been for him - I wouldn't have heard it.

So... you can see how much this guy means to our house... and I have considered it a true honor and privilege to be in prayer for him for the last year. A true blessing.

Well - lately this cancer crap has been hitting him hard. So Laura packed up with Mebbie and headed up there yesterday to hang with him as much as she possibly can. I knew she was in for some emotional, heavy stuff. Especially because a few days ago - her dad picked up the phone - called her mom and said:
"I wanna re-dedicate my life to Christ. How do I do that?"
Hallelujah, praise the Lord! This is the kind of thing we had been praying for!

And Laura was heading up there to be with him, to pray with him, to celebrate with him and to reassure him of the fact that he needs to have ZERO REGRETS and to only focus on his new eternal future...

So, needless to say - I knew she was in for some emotional, heavy stuff.

This evening - she posted this:

And for a while tonight - I just couldn't stop crying. Tears of joy. Of praise. Of sadness for not being there for my wife in this pivotal, once in a lifetime moment she was experiencing. Tears of exhaustion. Tears of a years worth of praying being answered with a slam dunk in our face. Cuz God is just that big. And powerful. And caring.

Meron and I head your way tomorrow Poppaw. We can't wait to see you...

Laura... you have one heck of a special daddy. And I think I speak for our entire family when I say "Thank you for sharing him with us all!"

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Trish said...

Your post today brought tears to my eyes. There is no such love like a Daddy's love. After losing mine about 6 years ago I can say there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. Sending prayers to your entire family.
Thank you again for sharing your story. Even though I don't comment often, I love reading your blog.