Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Out Of Our Hands

So much of parenting is out of our hands. No matter what ya think ya can control or handle or manage - there are certain things that are just outside of our reach and outside of our circle of influence.

Like little boys at the YMCA. Little boys at the YMCA that stick their tongues out at you every time you ask them if you can play with them. Little boys who make you sad, "hurt your feelings" and make ya think less of yourself...

Laura handled this little teachable moment so well today as she got down on her knees - eye level with Mebbie - and helped her understand that her value, her worth and who she is... is simply not found in any little boys she'll ever run into at the YMCA.

Mebbie smiled and stood a little taller.

Keep looking to Him Mebbie - He won't stick His tongue out at ya...

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