Sunday, August 4, 2013

Parental Dental Duty

We're at the beach. And we've been taking a TON of pictures. Tonight we noticed Meron wasn't flashing her trademark SUPER SMILE. And then - on her own - she came to Laura and said:

"I don't want daddy to post any of my pictures. I don't like my smile right now. I don't like how it looks..."
This broke my heart. She's been dealing with her first loose tooth which was REALLY loose - and she was allowing the way it looked (loose and hanging) to define her. Not cool...

I had a little chat with her about where her real beauty comes from (Jesus in her heart) and how it shines out for everybody to see. I think she got it cuz she started smiling for me again.

But tonight - back at the cottage - we decided to see if we could speed this natural process a long a bit.

We spent about an hour examining her tooth - tugging, twisting, seeing where the pain was. Mommy did it. Cousin Will took a bunch of stabs at it. Daddy peeked in there a bit..

But it was mommy that finally got that thing to come on out!

I danced like crazy for her... she was so happy but the little bit of pain and stress of it all had some big ole tears in her eyes. Hard for me to hold back my own when I see her like that!

But she was doing great with some excellent cheerleaders rooting for her...

We celebrated with some Hi-C and a couple of oreos that she could finally bite into properly again...

And the stress of it coupled with a day at the beach had our little dental patient CRASHED out early on the couch.

Way to go Meron! So happy to see your beautiful smile back at work again!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on this big milestone Meron!! :0)