Friday, August 2, 2013

Quiet on the Set! And.... ACTION!

I walked in from work yesterday and stumbled directly on to a movie set. i knew Georgia was up and coming on the movie scene - i just didn't know it was happening in our living room!

Meron was directing... and hear me on this - she was DEAD SERIOUS about her craft.

She was framing shots, leading her talent, incorporating costumes and make-up...

The she dashed out from behind the camera because.... lo and behold...

she had also cast herself in a wee bit role. A little Hitchcockian cameo if ya will.

Then it was right back to her spot behind the camera.

She's only shooting 720p now and hasn't done any post-production... but watch out world. She's got stories to tell.

My wanna-be creative heart LOVES it!

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