Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unplanned Date Night

Tonight Mommy and Mebbie were heading out to meet a friend for some Ethiopian cuisine. Meron is not a fan of that food - her exact words were:

"I haven't lived there in a LONG time - I don't like that food any more."
HA! You came home when you were 8 months old Meron... just a reminder... YA NEVER ATE IT THERE YOU GOOFBALL!

But I was the winner here - because her dislike of Ethiopian food turned in to an impromptu daddy-daughter date night!

We changed, hopped in the car and headed out...

Firsts top - where else? Chick-Fil-A of course. Her choice!

We split a combo meal but the best thing we shared was the conversation over dinner. This girl keeps me laughing ALL THE TIME... and she has SO MUCH LOVE in her heart...

Then we hit Publix to return last night's Redbox movie... and what the heck - daddy had a a free code in his inbox so we grabbed another one!

Next - we decided to walk around the mall while I introduced her to the fun sport of "people watching."

We ended up at Build-A-Bear though... and built a little lovable guy to send to their cousin they ADORE who just started college...

After all the people watching and bear building - we needed some dessert. So we headed across the street to the Varsity!

Meron destroyed her chocolate ice cream cone while marveling at "how huge this place is!"

Next we headed home - sleepy but filled up on fun.

And just like the Meron I know and love - she insisted on waiting for her sister (and best friend) to get home before firing up her movie.

Meron - you blessed me yet again tonight. So thankful I get to be your daddy.

She promised me we'd still go on dates even when she was in high school and beyond... I'm gonna hold her to it!

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