Sunday, August 11, 2013

Workout Buddies

Man... I simply love hitting the field for a sprint/plyo workout with these two. LOVE IT! (psst - excuse the low res crappy photos - my phone-cam stinks)...

Mebbie is a maniac. I mean - for real. Watch out Olympics... she has her eye on you (and her Ethiopian genes too)

And then there's Meron. uhhhh.... ???

She put on a pretty impressive cartwheel show for a while but resorted to this under the claim of "protecting our stuff."

Workouts with them are a blast - I never ever smile as much during hard work as I do when they're around...

And somehow - we always end up here - with Meron declaring...

"Come on Daddy... you know you earned it. We ALL earned it..."
She has a way of making me not feel guilty about it at all!

Smiles and hugs like this to end my day? I'll work out with these two ANYTIME!

1 comment:

fuzzandfuzzlet said...

LOL, Protecting your it. (and I have to agree it is the most important job!!)