Monday, September 30, 2013

Smart Girl

We love to brag on how freaking smart our kids are. And it's super easy to do without having to worry about being humble when they have none of your DNA...

Mebbie is one smart little cookie. She isn't even 5 yet. She grasped the English language in its entirety in like 3 weeks. She articulates and speaks it better than a lot of people I am around regularly.

When Meron heads to school - Laura busts out Mebbie's study stuff and puts in serious work. Today - they were focusing on dolphins and one of Mebbie's tasks was to draw something and write down one thing she learned about dolphins.

Mebbie knocked out this KICK-BUTT sketch and wrote down:

"Dolphins breathe through blow holes.

Love, Mebrate"
Awesome, right? problem was - when Laura rolled up on it to see it, mebbie had tears in her eyes and said:
"No... don't look at it..."
When laura asked her why she answered (as a tear rolled down her cheek):
"Because it's just not really good..."
I slid in at this point and talked to my sweet, sweet little girl who beats herself up trying to be perfect.

I told her the picture was INCREDIBLE - just like her mommy already had. Then I told her she didn't have to be so hard on herself - that there would be plenty of people in her life willing to do that for her.

I told her that her daddy - being a designer/developer - makes pictures all day long and most of the time people just want to tell me what's wrong with them. And if I was super hard on myself - then I would be just like the rest of those people just seeing the negative.

It was a tough lesson with words like "subjective" and what not... but I think she got it!

Or maybe she didn't... because she drew another picture of those dolphins that she was loving a LOT.

My little perfectionist...

Mebbie - we love ALL of your pictures, your heart and your imperfections... don't change a thing girl!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Three Musketeers

These three little goofballs are in love with each other already!

It's crazy - for all of our kids we have prayed the same thing:

"God - make them Hoffmans before they even get home with us..."
And MAN has He been faithful... these three act like they have known each other forever.

All for one and one for all!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Loving Mommy

Little Z has been spending a LOT of time learning to love mommy...

Not surprisingly - it hasn't been a hard thing for him to learn how to do!

His big sisters have been giving him lots of guidance!

Keep on loving Zechie!

Friday, September 27, 2013

She's Got My Heart

This girl right here has got my heart... and she carries it with her everywhere.

Here we are at Granny's and that silly little 3x5 notecard made it all the way up to NC from GA and is in its regular spot as she hit the sack..

I am suspecting it's neither silly or little to her. Not at all.

It's yours forever Meron... forever.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Keep 'Em Away Monster Spray

Over the last few months Meron has become pretty aware of the windows in her room and the fact that on the other side of that window is the outside. Along with this awareness has come the slight fear that monsters could possibly be out there wanting to come in.

It hasn't been something has owned her or terrified her - and of course right off the bat we talked to her about praying and asking God for peace when she was scared. I also assured her that her daddy stays up late almost every night patrolling the house and that her heavenly daddy NEVER sleeps and He is always protecting us.

She was cool with this but it came up enough times that i decided to do a little something...

So what did we do? Google "monster repellent recipes" of course and got down to business...

Before we knew it - this was born: "Merons Keep 'Em Away Monster Spray."

She was PUMPED about it and ready to put it to use...

Watch out monsters... Meron is packing and she ain't afraid to wet ya...!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This Girl Right Here...

This girl right here is my best friend and one of the coolest human beings on the planet.

There's a million reasons to back that claim - but this one here is near the top...

she let these two make-up maniacs have at it on her face without ever even seeing a mirror...

They were pumped!

Girls - you got one of the best mommies around!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How Many Hoffmans...

How many Hoffmans can ya fit in a little pink Volkswagen bug?

That car looks kinda full... squeeze in guys!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Regulators... MOUNT UP!

The local bike gang grew by one this week...

So what the new rider needs a little pedal power assistance...

He's just happy to be in the crew!

Keep riding guys!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

K-9 Progress

When these two guys first met - this was the kind of relationship they had...

Zechariah was not nearly as terrified as Mebbie was - but kinda apathetic and not a big fan...

Wow what a difference two weeks and two persistent sisters makes!

I wouldn't say Zechie and Clay are best buds who are gonna go off to college and room together or anything...

But they are at least cordial with each other now!

Way to be brave Z-man!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pretty Standard Day

Zechariah had a pretty standard day as far as days go round here...

You know - chowed down on some yogurt...

mean-mugged a camera...

tried to eat a baby spoon...

and rocked a cape all day.

What... you didn't?

Keep being super Zechie. Just keep being super...

Friday, September 20, 2013


Meron had to tote her bike in to school with her this morning because at 11:15 today - her class was having...

you guessed it - a Bike-A-Thon.

Man... Meron seriously PUT IN WORK. You'd have thought she had clocked in - she was working it!

She had a pretty deep fan club rooting her on as she sped by each time...

with plenty of style...

and a little bit of flair and hot dog riding!

I swear Meron rode about 20 laps until the heat caught up with her...

Then her and her posse of friends gathered around for a popsicle treat!

One of which made its way over to this little bugger - who LOVED it...

Rock on Meron - daddy is super proud of ya!

Ride to live... Live to ride!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

He Likes It!

that right there - my friends - is the face of a little dude who just tried some pizza...


He's been kinda hesitant when it comes to food lately - so we'll take it! I did chase it with some green beans - which he wasn't a huge fan of - but we'll take what we can get!

There's more yumminess where that came from Zechie - keep on eating buddy!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Across Giggling

on our recent trip back from North Carolina - the three amigos insisted on sitting three across. they were jammed in - but LOVED it.

They had their little brother giggling his head off - check out the video below...

Remember that slightly vacant, somewhat hesitant, totally frightened look on his face at the airport? Yeah - it's quickly fading away to this giggling little smiler we have now...

God's redemption is fast... and so cool to watch.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

True To Our Teams

We stay true to our teams around these parts!

And... I love this girl's style! She is rocking the outfit something proper!

Here we come 2014 MLB Season!

Monday, September 16, 2013

He's a Lover, Not a Fighter...

Well - he's also a screamer, a pouter, a giggler, a pooper and a whiner!

But man - this little dude knows his family and he is loving on us as much as we are loving on him! And there's no shortage of family standing around to take his kisses - especially one particular big sister who simply cannot get enough of his cuteness.

Tonight at bedtime - after some rocking - he pointed at his crib and motioned to be put in. No tears - but he did request a kiss 3 times.

Keep smooching Zechie. Keep on smooching...

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inaugural Run

Tonight I got to take the Z-man on his very first run on the trails at the mountain near us. I think i was probably more excited than he was!

We hit the trails on foot at first for a second and I let him run around a bit.

Pretty sure he was digging it - even though he wiped out a few times!

Next it was time to load up in the B.O.B. and hit the trails...

He was snacking before we even left the parking lot - his sister Meron must have given him that tip!

We kept it short since it was his first time - but he handled 3 miles like a champ! We saw deer, dogs and a ton of bumps - and he took it like he had been doing it for years!

The smile says it all - and sums up how we both felt!

Wanna run with Zechie? Come on out for the 26th Annual Springville Sprint - a 5K that benefits Brighton Their World and helps us feed more kids in Ethiopia!

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Zechariah's Airport Arrival

I know some friends, family and dedicated prayer warriors couldn't make it to the airport even though they wanted to. Here's a little video of our guy (and mommy) arriving home to his family and a whole bunch of friends...

Hint: hit that little gear and bump that quality up if your bandwidth can handle it - it'll look better...

Thank you so much to everybody who has supported us in so many different ways during this journey to bring this little guy home.

You'll never know how much it means...

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Divine Meeting

I was privileged and blessed to stand in the room today while these two special guys met each other for the first time. There are SO MANY REASONS this meeting shouldn't have happened...

Laura's dad is really sick for one. And second - 7 days ago Zechariah was 8,000 miles away in an orphanage.

But when God's hand is involved in something - the seemingly impossible tends to give way to the incredibly doable.

And today a grandfather met his grandson for the first time. And it was grand.

This story is so huge. And so cool. And so amazing. I have yet to wrap my head fully around it to write it out here. But I will. Soon... I will.

For now though - I am praising God for allowing me to be present in this room today with these people.

And thanking Him for allowing me to tag along on moments that are clearly His like today was...

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blowing Kisses

Somebody has been putting in some work learning to blow kisses...

He's doing pretty darn good at it too - blowing 'em out at every chance he gets!

And looking pretty adorable in the process!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Smile Makers

I know two girls who will go to any length to get their little brother smiling...

Even if it means rocking some reindeer antlers and bunny ears in September...

Their "SMILE POWER" is kinda undeniable...

You can run from them Zechie... but you can't hide!

And neither can your smile big guy!

This picture right here does SO MUCH for my heart. Our prayers these past few days have been for a peace that passes understanding for our little guy - just a joy and a calm spirit. He has been through A LOT in his short life and we just want him to know he is loved, he is home and his family is here for him no matter what.

We've worked through some fears and stuff - but this smile right here tells me we are making some progress! Thank you God for these little signs that we're heading in the right direction!

Oh yeah... and tonight we ceremoniously handed down the coveted Beastie Boys T-Shirt.

Our good friend Julie gave us this shirt way back in the day. You've seen Meron rock it often and you've seen Mebbie get the torch passed to her...

Now it's Zechie's turn to represent it something proper. Here he is practicing his very first "b-boy stance."

Make us proud Zechie! Make us proud!