Friday, September 13, 2013

A Divine Meeting

I was privileged and blessed to stand in the room today while these two special guys met each other for the first time. There are SO MANY REASONS this meeting shouldn't have happened...

Laura's dad is really sick for one. And second - 7 days ago Zechariah was 8,000 miles away in an orphanage.

But when God's hand is involved in something - the seemingly impossible tends to give way to the incredibly doable.

And today a grandfather met his grandson for the first time. And it was grand.

This story is so huge. And so cool. And so amazing. I have yet to wrap my head fully around it to write it out here. But I will. Soon... I will.

For now though - I am praising God for allowing me to be present in this room today with these people.

And thanking Him for allowing me to tag along on moments that are clearly His like today was...


Anonymous said...

So thankful that you'll have this memory...praising God for that answered prayer.

Tim said...

Prayers lifted for over 30 years. You never know when, where, or who the characters are going to be in God's Epic journey for our lives, but He is glorified. Always. Yes praising God with Anonymous.