Sunday, September 15, 2013

Inaugural Run

Tonight I got to take the Z-man on his very first run on the trails at the mountain near us. I think i was probably more excited than he was!

We hit the trails on foot at first for a second and I let him run around a bit.

Pretty sure he was digging it - even though he wiped out a few times!

Next it was time to load up in the B.O.B. and hit the trails...

He was snacking before we even left the parking lot - his sister Meron must have given him that tip!

We kept it short since it was his first time - but he handled 3 miles like a champ! We saw deer, dogs and a ton of bumps - and he took it like he had been doing it for years!

The smile says it all - and sums up how we both felt!

Wanna run with Zechie? Come on out for the 26th Annual Springville Sprint - a 5K that benefits Brighton Their World and helps us feed more kids in Ethiopia!

Hope to see you there!

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