Monday, September 30, 2013

Smart Girl

We love to brag on how freaking smart our kids are. And it's super easy to do without having to worry about being humble when they have none of your DNA...

Mebbie is one smart little cookie. She isn't even 5 yet. She grasped the English language in its entirety in like 3 weeks. She articulates and speaks it better than a lot of people I am around regularly.

When Meron heads to school - Laura busts out Mebbie's study stuff and puts in serious work. Today - they were focusing on dolphins and one of Mebbie's tasks was to draw something and write down one thing she learned about dolphins.

Mebbie knocked out this KICK-BUTT sketch and wrote down:

"Dolphins breathe through blow holes.

Love, Mebrate"
Awesome, right? problem was - when Laura rolled up on it to see it, mebbie had tears in her eyes and said:
"No... don't look at it..."
When laura asked her why she answered (as a tear rolled down her cheek):
"Because it's just not really good..."
I slid in at this point and talked to my sweet, sweet little girl who beats herself up trying to be perfect.

I told her the picture was INCREDIBLE - just like her mommy already had. Then I told her she didn't have to be so hard on herself - that there would be plenty of people in her life willing to do that for her.

I told her that her daddy - being a designer/developer - makes pictures all day long and most of the time people just want to tell me what's wrong with them. And if I was super hard on myself - then I would be just like the rest of those people just seeing the negative.

It was a tough lesson with words like "subjective" and what not... but I think she got it!

Or maybe she didn't... because she drew another picture of those dolphins that she was loving a LOT.

My little perfectionist...

Mebbie - we love ALL of your pictures, your heart and your imperfections... don't change a thing girl!

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