Friday, September 6, 2013

The Last Night

Right now Meron and Mebbie are crashed out in the living room - the remnants of "movie night" written all over their sleepy faces. Clay bear is chilling in his chair. Granny is snoozing. But things are about to get a little crazy up in here (up in here)...

Because in about 15 hours - little brother - Zechie himself - will be cruising up a set of escalators staring at that picture right there. Confused, tired, probably a little scared... and totally unsure of what his future brings.

But one thing is for sure... it won't look like tonight. This is the last night we'll have like this here. And though it seems at times that we JUST settled in to our normal pace of things around here... we are READY FOR HIM!

These two girls are SUPER READY FOR HIM - they're ready to teach him, to love him, to hold him, to squeeze him... to MERONATE him...

Zechariah - whatever God has in store for your future - your family is ready and willing to walk through it right by your side.

For the last year we have prayed really big things for you and asked God to use you in ways we couldn't even imagine. And He already has.

We can't wait to see what else He has in store for you...

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