Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wife / Rockstar / Ninja

The lengths to which this girl will go for her children and for the sake of her family absolutely leave me jaw-on-the-floor stunned.

She has no fears. Not when it comes to her kids or her family. Not when she knows God has her back. She's a warrior. She's an Army Ranger for adoption.

Wait... she's a ninja. That's what she is.

I just heard from her. She has safely landed in Ethiopia. By the time I wake up she will have already had our embassy appointment. Cuz she is just all rockstar like that.

This was 3:30 AM this morning. Seems like an eternity ago. I was putting the girls to bed tonight and said something about "dropping mommy off this morning..." and Meron said:

"Wait... we just dropped mommy off this morning? it hasn't even been a day?"
I feel ya girl. I feel ya.

We miss her and want her home - but we stand in awe of her right now...

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