Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Pumpkin Pie Commissioning

Recently I was commissioned by this group of gals to make one of my pumpkin pies. See - I always make the Thanksgiving pumpkin pies and they were itching to try one out. I finally got around to it today...

Laura was protecting her piece like she had "just found where da gold's at..."

Meron's eyes give away her emotions every time - and I think she was happy!

And then there was Mebbie. Sweet, calm, reserved Mebbie - looking like she just won first place at a Pumpkin Pie Princess Pageant.

Overall - i think they all loved it.

Let's put it this way - Laura was digging in to slice #2 as i headed down here to post this.

Pumpkin pie success - look out Thanksgiving... pies on us!

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