Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dear Meron...

dear meron - tonight I saw inside your heart,
a heart off the charts that I've loved from the start;

but tonight you were vulnerable and honest and hurting,
your emotions were raw, all around disconcerting;

you deserved the discipline, your behavior confounding,
but it broke me when through tears you said "Daddy, my hearts pounding!"

"Stay strong Tymm," i whispered, "Just push out the doubt."
"She deserves to be punished, thats what this is about."

So I kissed you good night as you lay in bed sobbing,
And with each tear filled breath my heart you were robbing;

I got up to leave and you cried out some more,
But as I shut it, I was on the inside not the outside of that door;

I stood silent and listened and I tried not to cry,
As you pleaded with God for a simple answer to "why?"

You told Him you were sorry, you asked for me to come back,
And I realized "early bedtime" held nothing to this attack;

Your heart was under fire - and what was I to do?
Walk out on my daughter and leave it all up to you?

I couldn't. I didn't. I told you, "I'm here."
"I love you." is what I said through your tears in your ear.

"I love you too daddy" is all I that I heard,
Cuz through gasping and weeping your speech was all slurred;

You climbed out of bed, into my lap on the floor,
And I knew I had stayed on the right side of that door;

We talked for a minute and I offered you grace,
you didn't want it - you were embarrassed and filled with disgrace;

we talked of forgiveness and and of mercy and your fears,
then we hugged and we hugged as I dried off your tears;

you hesitantly grabbed that olive branch I extended,
and as quick as it started this whole thing had ended;

you were back on the couch and the movie was going,
and I left the room cuz my own tears were flowing;

it killed me to see that whole struggle within,
that struggle we all have, that struggle with sin;

and if I'm measured at all by my discipline tactics,
then a failure I am, i'm quite anticlimactic;

But the lesson tonight, that I think we both learned,
Is that grace is given freely - it just cannot be earned.


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