Monday, October 7, 2013


What's that you're holding Mebbie? Oh - just the O.B.S. jar, I see!

"What's the O.B.S. jar?" you ask?

That's simple... it's the Others Before Self candy reward jar. A few weeks ago we collectively sat down and started working on some "FAMILY RULES" - and one of those was "Others Before Self."

To make it interesting - we decided you could be rewarded for an O.B.S. The idea was to get us all motivated to start regularly putting others before ourselves. And there was only one rule:

  • you can't turn yourself in for an O.B.S. - it has to be reported by somebody else
And now I love it because it has become a verb around here. We'll hear things like this echoing throughout the house:
"Daddy! Mebbie just O.B.S.-ed me!"
"Great job Meron! I am going to tell daddy you just O.B.S.-ed!"
And we love it... not only do I love that they are finding ways to think of others first, but they are also looking for that positive behavior in each other.

Keep up the incredible work girls!

We got a bunch of O.B.S. rewards to eat through!