Wednesday, October 16, 2013

That Prayer We Pray

Each time God has led us to grow our family through adoption, we have filled that LONG waiting period with prayer. Lots of it. People have prayed for and with us - and as a family - we have prayed our faces off. We believe God hears us and we believe in it.

One thing we have prayed for ALL of our children is this:

"God - make them a Hoffman right now. Right where they are, right this instant. let them come home knowing they are part of a family, give them Hoffman traits and Hoffman awareness. Make them one of us right now so the bonding is quick and seamless..."
We've prayed that without ceasing and believed He would do it.

He hasn't let us down once...

This little dude right here is FULL ON HOFFMAN. Goofball to the core - he fell right in line with his goofy sisters and cracks us up pretty regularly.

Oh - don't get me wrong - there's still bonding and attachment and all kinds of other things to work through - but his little spirit, his personality, his sense of humor, his zest for life... he fits right in with this household.

Need more proof?

Yep... he's one of us for sure. A little Goodwill shopping in his big sis's pink cowboy hat never felt so good. Goofball extraordinaire.

God... thank you for Your faithfulness, love and willingness to hear our prayers...

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