Monday, November 18, 2013

And It Was Good!

So... I wrote a book. Or I guess I should say I "rhymed a book."

This project has been in the works for like... ever. So long that I am pretty sure I blogged about it in the past some time. Anyways...

This has truly been a project of God's that He has brought me along on for the ride. I told Him back in the day:

"God... if you want this book to see the light of day - then You need to bring me an illustrator..."
And He did. And she is AWESOME.

But I needed confidence... what ya got for me there God?

Well - enter the girls. About once a week they wanna bust it out to read before bedtime. They seem to love it... and Meron has the entire thing pretty much memorized!

It makes my heart grin to see them smiling like this while reciting the lyrics to the rhymes...

Meron even got in on the little book trailer video we made - check it out below:

So now - here's where we are... I am still super interested in traditional publishing - and I am exploring all angles and leads on that i can find. We are also working on a prototype "guardian angel" doll to go with the book. However...

We have decided - for no apparent reason or thought process - that if we reach 500 likes on the Facebook page - we'll go ahead and throw together a pre-order page and get our first indie printing of it going. Seriously...we will.

So come on over and like us and get us one step closer to our first print. And hey - know anybody in traditional print for cool children's books with dope rhymes and fun illustrations? Send 'em our way - we wanna talk!

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