Wednesday, November 13, 2013

God Can Run!

We love this ministry known as 60 Feet. They are doing some incredible work in Africa and really everywhere they go... they have solid hearts for Jesus and are just fun people. Love 'em.

A couple years ago I got to lead a team to visit one of the children's prisons (yeah - you read that right) that they work at in Uganda. Hands down one of the most impacting experiences I have ever had.

So when they asked me to write a guest blog for them on their running site (they have a running team that raises awareness) - I was ALL FOR IT! And completely humbled...

So I wrote it. It's called "I'm a Runner." Here's a little snippet:

"I wanted to be mad at God – but as I looked for Him I swear I saw him beside me – leaning over lacing up His running shoes. And I might have been seeing things but I think He had picked up the dropped baton and was handing it back to me."
You can read the whole thing on their blog HERE.

And why not give these guys a little love and support while you're at it - they work endlessly at what they do.

Thanks, 60 Feet - for doing what ya do.

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Jefferson said...

Hey man. Again, super awesome post by an incredible friend. Thank you for being one of many who continue to stand in the gap for those in need of a voice.