Sunday, November 17, 2013

These Girls

I'm so proud of these girls right here. For so many reasons really but tonight it's this one... I always tell the girls that no compliment carries more weight than when relative strangers compliment them to us.

Tonight after small group at our church we had three different people from the childcare say things to us like:

"These two girls are awesome!"
"They have great manners!"
"They are so well-behaved!"
"They were the ONLY ones helping to clean up tonight..."
Seriously... I was beaming with pride...

Girls... this is a BIG BIG deal to me and mommy...

The whole way home we told them how proud of them we were. Their lips melted into smiles so big they were swallowing their faces...

This kind of behavior and manners and respect - coupled with your OBVIOUS love for each other - is gonna take you guys FAR!

Never been more proud to be your daddy!

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