Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Granny Craft Inauguration

When Granny comes to town - she almost always brings a craft of some sort with her... and this visit was no different!

Even though she was busy hustling and helping us pack - she found time to press pause and do some crafts with the kids...

And it was SOMEBODY'S very first time!

Little Zechie was paying close attention...

Trying to soak in all Granny had to offer.

"Ohhhh Granny! You getting busy with the glitter!"

"That looks super good... where'd you learn that? Pinterest?"

It didn't take long for him to want in on the action...

His thoughts were intense...

His little lips gave away how hard he was focusing...

Thsi girl is an old pro at Granny Crafts - she LOVES them!

And this girl too!

But this guys cheesy grin gave it all away - he had a BLAST!

Granny - you either kicked a field goal or you made Zechie's day with this fun craft! I think it was the latter.

Watch out Martha Stewart and Pinterest - Zechariah The Crafter is on the loose!

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