Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hang Your Hope On Jesus

"Jesus: Hang Your Hope On Him."

That is what Meron's kindergarten Christmas show that happened today was called. And as usual - my allergies started up as soon as I saw my big girl come out and climb up to her position on the risers.

You know... itchy eyes leading to tears. I pressed my eyes closer to the viewfinder of my camera hoping it would give me some relief from these terrible... allergies.

It didn't help.

As I watch Meron adjust her ornament hat and get ready for the show - my mind races back over the last 6 years and i am flooded with emotions at the thought of her life and all she has overcome in her short time here on earth.

"Stop!" my manly outer-self yelled at my wimpy inner mind. "She's been home for years - it's just another school show!"

But my allergies kept itching and my eyes kept tearing up.

Because the thing is... it's not just that.

Every single time I see Meron (or any of our kids) with their peers succeeding at life - I am starkly reminded of the redemption in their lives. The incredible, undeniable work that God did for them and through them.

But it hardly ever stops there.

Nope - instead it drives right into the core of my very being - directly into my heart and reminds me of the incredible, undeniable work that God did for me when He sent Jesus.

To die.

For all of my sins. And yours.

Dang these allergies are bad this year...

And then... then Meron grabs one of her best friends by the hand and says to me:

"Look Daddy! We look EXACTLY alike! We are like... twins! We have red dresses and the same shoes and both wearing tights. WE'RE TWINS!"
And it's right then that I wish that I was more like these two - singing about my hopes being hung on Him and not caring one bit about the things that the world sees.

Like the stifled giggles from the parents who heard them. "Silly girls," their giggles seem to say. "Nobody would ever confuse you two for twins."

Except maybe God. Their creator. Who gave them the exact same heart and made them in His image. Twins in HIS image.

It's 12 hours later now. And my allergies are doing a little better, thank you.

Trying to hang more of my hopes on Him this year...

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