Friday, December 20, 2013

They Are Not Forgotten

Man - we are so blessed by the awesome friends we have. Seriously...

Heather right here is heading over to Ethiopia in a few days and will be able to be there during our Holiday FEED 'EM program!

Not only will she be there to take part in serving those awesome kids - but she is also delivering this hand-made christmas cards to all of the kids 3 years old and over at our partner orphanage!

These cards were made by another incredible friend and her students (she's a teacher)... Thank you so much Jen!

Jen also slid a picture of the team that visited these kids last year. She stuck on a message of hope, encouragement and love. We want these kids to know they are not forgotten, that we think of them often and pray for them regularly. But most of all - that they MATTER TO GOD.

Thanks guys so much for your hearts and willingness to partner with us! We can't think of a better way to spend Christmas this year than helping these kids know they aren't forgotten...

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