Monday, December 23, 2013

Where Is The Love?

First it was chickens and now it's a duck,
And a bearded man's opinion on who you should... be with.

Man I hate to see this, this country doesn't need this,
'Tis the season for Jesus - we should be loving to pieces;

But instead of our savior we're all stuck on Phil,
And the things that he said that made people act ill;

Yes WE built up his words and WE made them matter,
Then got madder and madder - asked for his head on a platter;

We said "he said this - he can't say that - that's libel!"
But it's not Phil we fear - it's the words of the bible;

Cuz if we give them exposure or a place to be spoken,
The truth is the world might find out that we're joking;

That we don't really care what is written in there,
Or believe in the outcome our sins bring to bear;

So we're quick to scream "Jesus - please come and relieve us!"
"And silence that DuckMan so that he can't deceive us!"

"Don't make me read scripture, or look deep within,
Don't you dare ask a question of what constitutes sin!"

And on the flip side "I'll say it - just watch me I will!"
"It'll be coarse and unfiltered cuz my name is Phil!"

So both sides just start jawing, and biting and scrapping,
And things just get worse while their lips just keep flapping;

And Jesus is relegated off to a corner,
As if this doesn't involve Him - like He's some kind of foreigner;

And instead of a focus on Him filled with love,
We rear back to fight and we pull off the gloves;

And when the dust settles and pain's been inflicted,
we start to feel bad - that's called "being convicted;"

we look at the cause that's been blown out of proportion,
twisted and shifted like some distortion contortion;

and we're no better off than we were at the start,
Filled with anger and hate and no change in our heart;

So the next time I pray that we pray before we say,
Then the state of our hearts won't get lost in the fray;

And if we do this we just may - be amazed at the way,
that we all will stay happy. Or dare I say... gay.

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