Monday, January 27, 2014

Ain't No Temperature Low Enough...

Last night I finished up my run and watched this happen out over the mountains. The run was gorgeous but as that sun dropped the temperature went right with it - something like 51 degrees to 25 degrees in like 2 hours. CRAZY.

As I closed the door and pulled off my hoodie I was hit by the squeals of kids who no longer feel the effects of cold. Not when there is a park and playground equipment like 500 yards away. So off we went...

25 degrees meant NOTHING to these playground maniacs. As I huddled under the monkey bars looking for some reprieve from the EVIL, EVIL wind - I couldn't help but think about anybody who might be homeless on a night like this - and my mind started wandering to how I could most definitely fashion a makeshift bed out of that tube slide - the only area safe from the wind.

But the temperature had little to no effect on these two crazies. Nope - sliding, swinging, climbing - none of it was hindered by the continually dropping temps.

Finally - I tricked them into racing to the van by declaring:

"Neither of you will ever be able to beat me in a race! EVER!"
And it worked. We were back in the van. And I even turned on seat heat - which I never do.

And for the record - I beat them both. And always will. Until they figure out a way to use that temperature to their advantage...

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