Thursday, January 30, 2014

All About Meron - Star Student Part II

Meron got to do "Star Student" back in Georgia and now she is getting to do it again here! It's really just a cool way to let all the students learn about each other as they fill out a form with their interests and share some pictures of themselves.

Meron was loving it! She was PUMPED to show me her poster when I got back in from a snowy run tonight...

I absolutely LOVE that she wanted to show off her "Meron Day" picture when we became a family. She has a lot of pride around that day - she loves it!

And we couldn't find an already printed picture of Clay Bear - so that dog is Sandler - my dog that Meron never met! She said:

"It's okay. I'll just pretend it's Clay Bear..."
Love it!

And her best friends included two of her teaches from back in Georgia. My heart hurt a little that she didn't have anybody here to list... but I have full confidence she'll have a whole army of friends before long...

Meron - daddy is just STUPID PROUD of how well you have handled such a gigantic change in your life. I love you with every single piece of my heart girl and I am striving to be more like you in a lot of areas...

Keep up the good work of being awesome!

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