Monday, January 20, 2014

Celebrating Dreams

Today a good chunk of folks across America had the day off to celebrate the dreams of a pretty amazing dude.

His dream was impressive, his life was determined, the results indisputable - which is why I found the weird trend in social media today to kinda passive aggressively put down those who were lifting him up kinda suprising. There was a strange veiled attack against posting his quotes, acknowledging his struggle or as some would even say "worshipping MLK."

Now - I reserve my worship for ONE and only ONE - however I do feel that a man of MLK's stature and legacy is more than worthy of some recognition every year. But maybe it's more personal for me.

Every time I peek through my closed eyes as my family lowers our heads in prayer and I see three sets of tiny little brown hands tightly clasping the lighter, whiter hands of their parents - I think of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Every time we walk out into a busy parking lot and a tiny, nervous brown hand slides into my white hand and holds on for safety - I think of MLK, Jr. and his dream, his tenacity, his determination, his passion and ultimately - his sacrifice - that paved the way for my family to be able to walk THROUGH THE SOUTH looking the way we do with no judgement, harassment or discrimination.

Meron has an oral presentation due tomorrow - her class touched on MLK, Jr. and then they were sent home with a task of writing out some particular dreams and being prepared to stand in front of the class to speak to those dreams.

So this morning she and I snuck off to a nearby Starbucks and set up shop for a while. We could have just dove into the dreams worksheet - but I wanted her to know more about MLK.

So we found his speech on YouTube and I had Meron listen to the real meat and potatoes of it. She was super focused and afterwards when I asked her what MLK's dream was she said:

"He just wanted people to be able to sit together and not be judged by the color of their skin... that's all. Who would do that any ways? Judge people by their skin?"
I explained to her that the fact that she could barely fathom that idea was in large part due to the ground work put in place by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Once she understood this - we jumped into her worksheet - which was really her filling out three dreams she had. These were entirely her own - i wanted to leave NO TRACE of influence here. And this is what she wrote:
  • I have a dream that one day my family will: "Adopt more kids."
  • I have a dream that one day my school will: "Study the bible."
  • I have a dream that one day the world will: "have no more hungry kids in orphanages."
I was floored. My little girl - my crazy, wild, rambunctious, intense, out of control (at times) little girl has some AMBITIOUS dreams.

Because of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his dream and his willingness to pursue it - my little girl doesn't have to have dreams that involve her being able to sit with friends of a different color or share a bus, a restroom, a water fountain or restaurant. She doesn't have to dream about it because she's living it.

And that frees her up to dream about things that are SO BIG and SO BOLD and SO SCARY. And THAT is WAY WORTHY of celebration in my book.

Thank you Dr. King for never resting and always pursuing your dreams. Meron - I pray you do the same and know your mommy and daddy will ALWAYS support yours...


Jay said...

Awesome Meron, so proud of you!

Renate said...

Beautiful Meron. My dream too.